Understanding the Book Industry and How to Become a Part of It

Getting involved in the modern book industry is tough, especially since it seems as though more people would rather watch a movie than read a good story.  In order for your book to show up on any bestsellers list, it has to be timeless, gritty, inspiring, and original.  However, there are plenty of authors out there who have written such literature and still their books are not as popular as they could be.

That is because understanding how the book industry works is often difficult.  Fraught with various obstacles and expectations, many authors give up trying before they ever accomplish their goal.  Still, busting into the book industry as a real contender is not as complicated as you think.  It does require fortitude and ingenuity, but you’re an author so that shouldn’t be too hard.

The Secrets to Writing a Sellable Book

writing a book with a pen


First and foremost, you have to get real about your book and ask yourself, “Have I written something that is worth selling?”  Your book is probably your baby, but have you even tested it out on other people?  The secrets to writing a sellable book lie in giving the public what it wants.  Try allowing a couple trusted friends or family members to read your material before you begin trying to sell it to the public.  There may be some things about the story line or with editing that you didn’t even see or consider.

Writing a sellable book is about more than just a reader’s opinion though; it’s about having the guts to put your work up in front of possible scrutiny.  Selling your book requires you to not only create a compelling story but to also showcase your work to possible buyers.  To get this done, your book, and its cover, should convey confidence and originality.  This is easily demonstrated to potential buyers through your organization and marketing approach, as well as with deep industry research.  Do some leg work before setting down to write your book and ask, “What are people reading these days?

The Basics of Marketing Your Work

Once you have mastered the art of writing a sellable book, you then have to begin marketing it to those who will most likely buy it.  There are several ways to get this done.  With the advent of the internet and social media, marketing your work to the entire world is no longer an unattainable or expensive obstacle.  Getting the word out to readers in a specific demographic isn’t even a problem anymore.  It is now extremely easy to advertise and sell your original work through various avenues at one time, with the whole world tuning in.  However, with all that clutter and competition, using tradeshows to market your book still reigns supreme.

Using Tradeshow to Sell Your Work

As one of the oldest and most reliable forms of mass advertising, tradeshows allow booksellers and book buyers to intermingle with one another.  Tradeshows, which allow authors and bookstores to buy and sell products side-by-side, remain one of the best marketing strategies for those who wish to make a name for themselves into the book industry.

While you’re developing the perfect approach, make sure you have created an attractive and attention-getting booth to set up at any tradeshow you visit.  Keep in mind that you will have an opportunity to advertise to folks who are present for a specific reason.  Instead of trying to convince disinterested people that your product is worth buying, you will have them there – ready and willing.  Use this chance to your advantage by constructing a book and a booth that tie together nicely and get passersby to stop, look, and listen to your spiel.

Getting to tradeshows can be somewhat costly and there is no guarantee that your book will sell, but then again an author’s experience at a tradeshow could also be the determining factor in their success story.  In order to get your books on bookstore shelves, you have to be willing to take a chance.  Tradeshows allow you to create a database of potential customers for the future as well, which means more sales for you after your next work is completed.

Getting Your Book on Bookstore Shelves

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On top of that you have to stand out with your book…


To get your book on the shelves of established bookstores isn’t as hard as it seems.  Bookstores want variety and reliability from their authors; it makes their job much easier.  So, just market to bookstores and buyers at tradeshows that you have plenty of product to go around and that you plan on writing more in the future.  Bookstores will be more likely to pick up your work for their shelves and will be waiting when your next book comes out.

In the meantime, remember that there is a lot of competition but your chances may be improving.  As more and more authors produce electronic versions of their books, spaces begin to open up on bookstore shelves.  Remind bookstore owners and book buyers that they need physical materials for their businesses to flourish.  While marketing the quality of your book, also showcase your work’s importance to the industry.  Try to tap in to every aspect of book buying and selling so that you can inspire bookstores to sell your product to their loyal customers.  When the smoke clears, you might end up with a bestseller on your hands if you do it right.